Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today we finished INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS and moved onto MINDFULNESS in skills group. Now that I have gained back some motivation to partake in DBT, I feel disappointed that I missed so much of the DEARMAN, GIVE, and FAST skills. I get now why the modules are repeated at least twice and am slowly coming around to being told I must repeat the skills group again next year. So my guilt, although still there, has dissipated somewhat.

This weeks homework is to focus on being NON JUDGEMENTAL. It’s a toughie for me so, is a good one to re-visit (or should I say visit, as I have yet to master it!) It was suggested that I get a tally counter. Which is one of them clickity yokes to count how many times you notice a judgement and learn to associate the ‘click’ with it. So tomorrow I am going on a city wide hunt for one!

A place where I think I will be able to practise this skill is at the Ball I am going to this Saturday night. I will be getting all dolled up and be in the company of beautiful and highly intelligent people (It’s the annual Medical Ball!), so as you can imagine…. I am shivering with nerves already. My challenge is to go and simply notice all the judgements I have about myself, other people and the environment. 

All-though unless I can find a counter to match my gown, I might leave it at home that night!

Wish me luck!


  1. We're both on about the same section of DBT then.

    I think being nonjudgmental is tough for a lot of people... I really have to pause and think... and focus. and say, "you know what... I may feel sad. That's okay. Feeling sad isn't right or wrong... it just is at this moment"

    Consequently, I think the "observe" part is incredibly important

  2. Ah thats so cool that you are also at the same stage as me. I agree, in order to be non judgmental you have to first observe it! I am grateful that we keep going over this set of skills, as i take something new from them each time. Since setting the goal to notice my judgments, I have realize how self critical I am and how many assumptions I make.