Thursday, 9 February 2012

Let me eat more Prozac

I am all motivated today. Maybe its the increase in medication. I saw my Consultant Psychiatrist yesterday morning and we agreed that I have been tolerating the 20mg of  Prozac (Fluoxetine) well enough for the last two months to double the dose to 40mg. The plan is to gradually get up to 60mg which is the evidence based dosage for bulimia nervosa. According to Healy D (2004) Let them eat Prozac. New York: New York University Press. pp 124–148.
"Fluoxetine dramatically, by 40-50%, decreased the frequency of panic attacks in two controlled trials of panic disorder patients. In three double-blind trials, fluoxetine significantly decreased the number of binge-eating and purging episodes of bulimia nervosa. Continued year-long treatment of the patients, who originally responded to fluoxetine, was more effective than placebo for the prevention of bulimia nervosa episodes."

I have to say that I am somewhat at ease taking a drug which has so much empirical research to back it up. My Doctor instilled confidence in me that I will see results when the dose is high enough. She described how she has seen it herself and has faith that it will work in conjunction (of course!) with DBT.

I feel a lightness coming back to my sprite. As if the fog is clearing and I can breath easier. It is most certainly due to the three pronged treatment approach (medication, DBT, and the right attitude.) Without each of these aspects in my treatment plan I have seen the devastating result of self destruction. 

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  1. I'm on ProZac as well. I was on 40mg for a long time when I began getting incredibly horrible panic attacks to the point where I needed help but couldn't leave the room. It would hit me anywhere and was most debilitating. I also would get hit with a really big wave of depression...I forgot to mention I was recently transferred from inpatient to residential treatment when this happened. They upped my dosage to 60 mg and now I feel like I could be a spokesperson for ProZac. It helped me IMMENSELY to be on a 60 mg dosage!! I hope you find it just as helpful ;)