Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Black and white thoughts, searching for the grey!

Today I was faced with a stark reality check.  I do not have the objective ability to have a balanced view of situations and am thus ruled my my dichotomous thinking. 

Under extreme stress, I find it can be comforting to oversimplify.

I will eat, or I will not eat.
I will live, or I will die.

This rational streamlining allows a sense of peace in the midst of turbulence. Yes, there are plenty of things that are black an white. Simple things. Is the toaster plugged in? Is the door locked? 

But the reason we have words like maybe, probably, partial, more, less, etc. is the grey is all around us. Everything has details, data, different ways to present and interpret the details and data, these different ways of presentation and interpretation is what causes grey.

When the stakes are not quite so high, perhaps a little room for the middle ground would be advisable. There are more choices than you think.A little "wiggle room" goes a long way when navigating through people, events and circumstances. Very little in my own life has ever been distinctly good/bad or black/white in any way, shape or form. Most things are just a subtle shade of gray when examined closely.

So much of the world is best described in an analog way not a digital way and definitely not in the binary way. So much is best described as a continum: I will not eat, I will eat a tiny bit, Iwill eat a moderate amount, and so on with an infinite variety of amounts.

Either / or is just the easy way out. I must leave a little room for humanity to breathe. If the middle ground is removed, how many of us still stand? My life is too complex to be able to discount gray areas in order to accommodate absolutes built on foundations that aren't solid simply because I am are either too fixed in my ideologies to be able to critically assess a situation or too intellectually lazy to do the heavy lifting, so to speak, when it comes to handling difficult ethical dilemmas, I simply use a catch all.

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