Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beautiful Suicide **Trigger**

I want a beautiful suicide
Where the night skies are dark
And the stars shine brightly
Yes tonight I’ll make my mark

I want a beautiful suicide
With a knife next to me
Alone in a room
How good will this be

I want I beautiful suicide
I’d already planned
Alone in silence
Nothing could be more grand

I want a beautiful suicide
I’ll have to no longer life this life
No hurt or pain
All it takes is a knife

Do I want a beautiful suicide?
I don’t think I could die
Come to think of it
It’ll make others cry

I don't want a beautiful suicide
I’ll no longer commit
I’ll just mend what’s wrong
That was stupid I admit


  1. Suicide is never beautiful, but sometimes wanting to escape from the pain makes it seem like it would be. I like this:)

  2. Thanks Angela, It seems like a perfect escape but on deeper reflection it is an ugly this to contemplate alright. Thanks for stopping by my blog. x