Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pros & Cons of Tolerating Distress

I will keep this short. I have been putting off doing this for so long. It's fairly self explanatory in it's title, but the problems lies in ACTUALLY doing it. I have been avoiding doing this for my target behaviors for months now, so here it goes! I am only able to do one for the moment, but I have five behaviors I need to do this for!

Target behavior #1 - Binging. 

Resisting binge.

  • PROS:
  1. Feeling of accomplishment over skill use.
  2. Saves money.
  3. Healthier body and mind.
  4. I eat to give myself MORE energy. When I become too full, I LOSE that energized feeling.
  5. I might be able to change my state of mind and continue my life normally without putting on excess weight
  6. I will learn to experience the distress and deal with it in time.
  7. Feeling of self control.
  • CONS:
  1. I will feel the emotion I want to avoid. I wouldn't feel the 'food high'
  2. I will be irritable.
  3. I will feel deprived.
Giving into urge to binge.
  • PROS
  1. Instant relaxation.
  2. Comforted.
  3. Get medical attention
  4. Escape emotional suffering momentary.
  • CONS
  1. Will trigger an urge to purge.
  2. Waste of food/money.
  3. Weight gain.
  4. Self hatred
  5. Only hurts me, pain, digestive issues.
  6. Does not solve problem

Target behavior #2 - Purging

Resisting purge.

  • PROS
  1. Will keep the nourishment from the food.
  2. Will learn to deal and manage 'full' feeling.
  3. Will give myself a chance to use DBT skills.
  • CONS
  1. I will feel very high anxiety.
  2. I will feel dirty, lazy, ugly, fat.
  3. I will have to sit with the distress, and feel all the food in my stomach.
Giving into urge to purge.
  • PROS
  1. Get 'rid' of food and not gain weight.
  2. It is a quick and easy way to get the food out.
  3. I feel in control.
  4. I know my stomach is empty.
  5. Its a way to punish myself for negative thoughts/behavior.
  • CONS
  1. Will damage teeth.
  2. Does not get rid of all of the calories.
  3. Makes me feel week from dehydration.
  4. Dizziness and headaches.
  5. Heart palpitations.
  6. Gives me spots, dry skin and causes my hair to fall out.
  7. Sleep issues.
  8. After a few days - swelling in legs
  9. Constipation.
  10. Reduced appetite which will lead to further foody behavior 


  1. Resisting binge.
    1.avoid theeth getting cavity.
    2.avoid feeling sad.
    3.avoid getting nervous.
    4.feeling in control.

    1.having the power to overeat and still be empty.

  2. This is so brave and courageous, Andy. Many people will identify with your writing here - I know I do, in many respects. Brava! Brava! <3 <3