Thursday, 5 April 2012

Psychiatrist.*****Warning; Full blown BPD RANT

I saw my Consultant Psychiatrist this morning, bright and early at 9am, well I was there at 9am. She was late. REALLY late. So I was not only grumpy from being up at silly o'clock, I was also extra grumpy at her her inability to prioritize her patients. I went into the appointment feeling unimportant and like I was a hassle to her. 

She started out asking about how I was tolerating the increase to 60mg of Prozac (Fluoxetine). I haven't had any major side effects comparable to the nausea and increased anxiety I experienced when I first started. We then moved on to talking about whether it has had an effect on the frequency of bingeing  episodes. This is where I hung my head in shame and admitted that for it to have worked I would have had to let it stay in my stomach for long enough to enter my blood system. I explained that I had been getting sick after breakfast recently.

I was expecting a full on lecture, and even though I could sense her frustration, she very gently recommended that I try the liquid formulation of the drug. She explained that it is less easy to get rid off and will absorb quicker into my system. I will give it a go, and see how I get on! Fingers crossed it doesn't taste revolting!

I also moaned about my sleep issues (once again!) to which she suggested laying off the caffeine and that I should concentrate on practicing  sleep hygiene,  which, now, in retrospect, was the right thing to have said, as sleepers and me do not have a good history, especially if there is even a small niggle of suicidal thoughts going on.

I don't really know what I was expecting from the visit. Maybe I wanted her to just 'fix' me and for me not to have to put any work into my recovery. I think I also wanted her to read my mind and understand just how scared and terribly depressed I feel. Which, of course, is simply stupid.

Anyhoo.... she doesn't want to see me for another FOUR MONTHS! So either I didn't get across to her how shit I  am doing, she doesn't think she can help me, or she feels that I am doing just fine and dandy for the moment!

Ok rant OVER

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