Monday, 9 April 2012

Objective Self Compassion

So, after spending time in the south of Ireland with my sister (and the baby bump!) and brother-in-law, where my Mother lives with her new husband and his daughter, I am pleasantly relived. I was really worried about spending so much time with my family, as previous comparable experiences have resulted in vexing squabbles and quarrels. I understand now that my sensitive and highly emotive character can be very vulnerable to the criticisms and teasing which occurs within my family unit. Simply OBSERVING this helped me to muddle through the weekend. It also helped me to take a NON JUDGMENTAL STANCE towards myself, something which, until recently I have found incredibly difficult to do. Self compassion just was not something that I was able to accomplish before. A constant record was stuck on self hate in my mind. I believed that I was not deserving of compassion and was not allowed to give it to myself. One of the greatest lessons I am learning in therapy is the gift of self compassion. I am starting to treat myself as I would like to be treated by others, and also how I treat those around me, as I have a great ability to be compassionate to others, but am terrible when it comes to being kind to myself. 

I had so much time to think between the car journeys and early nights with little to do in the countryside. I astounded myself with a realization of how far I have really come in the last year. It hit me that it has been a year since I last attempted to end my life. Which when compared to the year before, is really an achievement. The reason I say this is because the accomplishment lays not just in the absence of suicidal actions, but the ability to now deal with and manage the same feelings and urges (which are still at the same intensity as before) with new, healthier coping mechanisms. I can truly say that I am proud of myself. 

This last week has been a real eye opener for me. I have had huge swings of intense emotions along with some really dangerous action urges. Instead of carrying though with the urge to end my life, I reached out for help, and most importantly; accepted the help I received. Of course it took a while for me to get my head around the acceptance part of this process, as you can tell from the posts on this blog from earlier in the week!!! 

I have an open mind about the upcoming admission. I really think it will help me figure out some of my current problems. I will hopefully have a good team of people around me to keep me regulated. And I also have this wonderful outlet, my own form of personal form of therapy. My blog is another gift I received this past year. Writing is the best way for me to find objectivity during difficult situations, where due to my intense emotions my judgement is often compromised. 

I am so grateful for all my readers too, as you always offer such sound feedback, and often make suggestions which have helped me to act in more efficient ways with more successful outcomes.

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