Friday, 9 March 2012

For Rhiannon

Rhiannon Anna Lee
13th December 1988 to 14th September 2007

In this one you are my flame-haired hero
A shocking beauty with no regrets
A vault of treasure and talent
An assembly of wealthy memories

You conquered the crowd
With eruptions of left-winged interpretations.
I could listen to you all day
And now, I wish, with retrospect I had listened to you more

You astounded me, outwitted me, scared me almost
Nobody could prepare themselves for you
Nor predict what might pour out of that witchy mouth
I was jealous of you, as were the bullies that tormented your soul

I long for just one more day in the company of you
To feel the silent, energising punch of adoration
I want to rub the lantern and reverse time
To study your mannerisms, to submerge myself in your identity

So that I may never forget, so that I may ransack your memory
So I could pledge my friendship, so I could tell you everything I never said.

Copyright of A. Colgan 2012

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