Monday, 21 November 2011

Do parents shape your personality?

I have inherited some awesome qualities from my parents. I am smart, able to think for myself, be independent,  I am able to love and care for others and help others when they need it. My parents taught me a lot of lessons in life about loving myself, cherishing what I have and not wanting what I don't -- because then I would be missing out on the NOW. 

I would say that genetically I inherited a few bad temperaments. I hold onto my feelings rather than expressing them openly, like my parents. Addictive behaviors run in the family, BUT, I do not like to use that as an inherited trait because I am well-aware of this and I CHOOSE my behaviors. Therefore it's no fault of inheritance.

My father was an incredibly persistent man. If the wanted something, well, he'd get it some way or another. I know that I have that trait in myself, but I'm different, because I don't overstep the bounds of "acceptable" in order to get what I want. 
I never take "no" as an answer, from anyone. Until its physically impossible, I refuse to shut the door on the option.

I've inherited one hell of a temper... I'm pretty mellow and even-keeled... I'm more likely to raise an eyebrow than to raise a scene... But whenever I feel the need, I can totally let it all go, and I'm explosive, and I know I got that from my parents...
I think though... that my mellow temperament, is a result of my parents... there can be only so many people throwing flames all the time, and with "flame throwers" consisting of my father, Sister and Mother, I learned other ways to cope with being angry that didn't involve outward displays of fury.

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